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My MoFoing Regimen Log

Hey guys,

I've had mild (sometimes moderate) acne for about 3 years now almost 4 (im 20). I used proactiv for about 2 years and had good results. I applied it only on chin/forehead area where i was having most of my problems. I got off the proactiv regimen about a month ago and im actually quite sad missing doing the whole 3 step process. I did it for so long that now i feel bad. Once i got off it, i did have a Initial breakout with clogged pores and shit all over .. it sucked. Recently though, ive found i started breaking out on the cheek area (weird :S). It started in august, and i think it was due to the fact that i was bathing in the sun hours upon hours almost daily. It started with a big papule and than lead on from the irritation of my hands. I have about 2 red marks from them and about 2 active around the same area. This is the weirdest thing though, its only my left cheek lol... I thought i would at least be growing out of this shit soon since my family did around this age. I think im probably causing the aggravation of my acne on cheek because i keep messing around with it and touching my face.

It has really gotten to me lately, its sad. I guess in highschool i never thought about it because all the other kids had it even worse than me and ive been clear mostly for about 2 years. Its affecting my school, maybe even my relationship but she loves my sexyness whether i have some dots or not.

Anyways enough of the boring bs, Im going to start by applying the regimen all over my face this time (not just on forehead/chin) Im really excited to start the regimen and will from now on stop touching my face. I MUST to gain clear skin once again. I think i do have sensitive skin so i will only apply it once a day for about a week and than work my way up to two times a day with a small amount and than to a full shit load of bp in about 3-4 weeks. I think my skin will get really good results from this as it did with proactiv. Sucks now, im so excited and the kit hasnt even arrived yet but it should in about 2-3 days.

Pre Regimen Acne Status:

As of now i have about 2 actives (papules or pustules or something) on left cheek, small clogged pores, and some whiteheads that are really small.

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