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Should you ever wash your face more than twice a day?

I just started the regimen. Its only been a week and a half. I still am not confident that the products I have are right yet. I use cetaphil for my cleanser, dk bp, and still experimenting with the moisturizer. I go outside alot and I tried using neutrogena liquid sheer face spf 70. I used it twice and my face broke out after being pretty clear for a few days. I decided to switch to Oil of Olay complete uv moisturizer normal and it burns like crazy. Should I wash the spf after I come inside and start over or should I just continue to let it burn all day? Has anyone found an spf that doesn't burn? Sometimes I am just not sure how much burning is supposed to be normal and when is it to the point that it may be doing more harm than good. Do I still need more time to get used to the bp or is it just the wrong moisturizer? I ordered dk moisturizer to try so maybe it will help. I appreciate any of your suggestions or comments.

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Well a week and a half is not giving the regimen time at all as people state. You may see improvements but you wont be 100% clear in a matter of a week and a half. Pimples take 2 weeks to rise also. It could be coincidence that you are having a breakout. Just think, without using the regimen maybe the breakout could have been even worse?

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