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I know this should probably be posted in the accutane board, but I was hoping for the opinions of some of the holistic experts only found here. :whistle:

So I finished accutane about 3 and a half months ago. All I have left is redmarks. Since then I've been on a mission to clear them through diet and what have you. Things are getting better, but I've begin to wonder if all the vitamin a I'm taking in from spinach and carrots is actually helping. I have at least 150-200 grams of spinach a day in the form of a green smoothie and I have carrots with pretty much every big evening meal.

Now, I haven't really had a breakout since well before I stopped, but I'm wondering if all that vitamin a could be perhaps keeping my skin in an accutane-like state. Which sounds silly I know, but they say accutane can be in your system for 6-12 months after your last pill, so I wonder if this is actually helping? My face is still dry-ish, I get occasional flushing and as mentioned earlier, I have quite a few red marks left over. All problems which I expected to be well on their way to disappearing by now.

Do you think I should ditch the spinach and carrots for a while?

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The amount of vitamin a you're getting in food compared to Accutane is minimal. Also, when you eat carrots you're not actually getting vitamin a. You're getting beta carotene which is converted to vitamin a if your body needs it. So nah, ditching spinach and carrots wouldn't do much to help your skin's dryness and flushing. It takes awhile for the effects of oral isotretinoin to wear off and some side effects go away faster than others.

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