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many pics: what should i do?

hey people, i know this board for two years now but this is my first post here.

it`s about my acne. it began when i hit puberty and didn`t get better at all.

i had my first visit at a dermatologist two years ago, just for a talk lasting only 5 minutes telling me i had mild acne and so on... i should use this and that and it would get better.

i try to measure the success of the treatment- 0 zero, no effect : 10 no acne

i tried many things including:

-All kind of cleansing measures, moisturizers aaaand so on... 1

-supplemantation of zync 1

-supplementation of brewer`s yeast 0

-healing earth 3

-supplementation of vitamins and so on 0

-cutting out b12 stuff... ( i know that cant be healthy in long term :D ) 0

-no alkohol and stuff 2

-zeniac products mandelic acid 2 (5 months)

and then finally bpo regimen:

well, i had a red face at the beginning, acne got slightly better, but after 6 months i was so pale, people asked if i do drugs... or have cancer. it got slightly better buuuut, i got sooo many blackheads, which are mostly (and so many!!) on my nose, but then spread to my cheeks.

from the succes i would say it was the best so far maybe a 4. but thats just considering my acne, not the regular blackheads! so no, i think i wouldn`t do it again.

anyway, i went to a dermatologist just to be told again (it was the same) i had mild acne and that he has seen worse. i should try this and that... okay no more.

sure i heard of antibiotics and that accutane. but then i think again, okay, maybe the problem is just tiny, dont get too involved in that.

now my question: is it really just mild acne? shall i wait? any treatment reocommended? go for antibiotics accutane?

btw: i`m 21, student and veeeeeeery sporty, i usually do sports 4 times a week for 2 hours at least. small amounts of alcohol (rly not to be mentioned). i love eating healthy stuff

blood parameters always best, no irregularities in blood pressure. i hardly have any body acne.

btw: in the next days i will take these pictures offline, cuz i dont like pictures of me in the net

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acne is often caused by candida, you might want to go on a candida diet, it may out right cure it.

I'm going to post a video on this soon on my ch stay tuned.

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