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My 7th week of Roaccutane

Hi everyone I've just joined but have always read these forums for advice...

I'm a 19 year old lad who has had mild to mod acne for about 2 years?

I'm on my 7th week of roaccutane - or accutane and of course am finding it very hard. I'm on 40mg every day (thats two tablets taken together every day so each tablet 20mg). I've been put on for 3 months.

I've recently started washing with cetaphil lotion stuff about 3 weeks ago and have the moisturiser too - but only use for specific dry spots - try not to use much as ANY moisturiser seems to make my skin red, I use cover up stick for red blemishes and spots - but REALLY recently now using one which is specifically for it - wont clog up pores etc. So annoying as about 4 days ago I really thought I was nearly there everything almost gone, then overnight i had a bloody breakout its just so demoralising.

At the moment I'm washing morning and night with cetaphil, a dilemma i have is shaving though - i've been wet shaving carefully every morning as it keeps skin supple so i can cover up easily with little bit of stick stuff. However I do think it makes the skin redder and possibly triggers breakouts? This is so difficult though, I literally can't leave the house most days - and I'm known for being really confident, happy almost cocky you know what i mean...

If anyone has any advice at all would really appreciate it, ive just realised I should defo take the 'take with food instruction' more seriously - as i thought it would just make you feel ill (doesn't for me) but now im learning it works better as absorbs with food am i right?

Thanks in advance, Will.

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