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Pityrosporum folliculitis does not go away!

Hello you guys!

I am feeling so desprate I feel like there is no way to keep the PF away. I have been diagnose with this problem more than two years in a half. At first it was really bad. It was all over my face, and it itched so bad that I could not even sleep at night!

I have tried various types of meds (example: Itraconazole, Ketaconazole), and creams. Each thing work the first time, but sience this stuff ALLWAYS return each and everything I have tried seems to loose its effect the second time I try! I have tried the Anti Candida diet which makes me feel sick and loose so much weight sience I am a high energy person. I am allways controling what I eat. I am a health food freak. I read lables. I cook by scratch! I drink only water (or every now and then wine). I have noticed now there are certain parts of my face that suffer this problem the most for example in the middle of my forehead, the sides where my eyebrows are at, and the sides of my nose. Atleast it seems to leave my cheeks and chin alone! I do have bangs, but sience I have PF I keep them up all the time! I hardly wear make up because of this too! I do not take any meds because of this.

Soon I am about to be married, and we are planning on having a baby. Then I read how sensitive a pregnant women's skin may be! When I am pregnant I can not go on any crazy diet, and not wear sunscreens. Does anyone know how I can choose a nice sunscreen and moisturizer that does not bother my PF? I never wear moisturizer because I am afraid that it might worsen everything!

Sorry for the long message! I am so out of it!

Thanks for your help!

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