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New breakouts after ditching gluten and dairy?

Hi all!

I've abandoned all gluten and dairy and have been eating mostly meat and vegetables with some fruits thrown in (pretty big adjustment from my previous diet which consisted of mostly processed, extremely sugary foods). After four days my face is pretty much unchanged and I'm getting breakouts all over my arms (I've never had breakouts here).

I realize I'm not very far in, but is this a sign that I'm doing something wrong?

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soy, eggs, fruits, other grains - you could be allergic/sensitive to any of them.

get an igg food allergy blood test done

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Also, diet changes affect skin slowly. Gluten and dairy are big offenders, but skin has a 28 day cycle (i read once in a book by a dermatologist, I think). You can expect a lifetime of eating hard to digest foods to suddenly stop all these effects, right?

I have been "off" gluten, dairy, sugar, deep fried foods, processed foods, and unfermented soy (so I can eat tofu) for about 6 weeks now. It was really frustrating, but only in the past week has there been a noticeable drop off in break outs. I don't know if it's from food, stress, other issues, but I am only getting a couple very minors white heads, which I can totally deal with (still have loads of red marks and some healing pustules).

Good luck, and stick with it!

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