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Long time lurker, first time poster here looking for some advice and/or experiences with sulfur soaps on facial acne.

I've been suffering severe acne for about 17-18 years. Through almost two decades of trial and error, I've found a regime of Sulfacete lotion, Tazorac, and Rosanil wash(as well as the green tea and lemon water ideas that I have gotten from this site!) has gotten my acne down to just moderate breakouts. However, recently, Aetna insurance has taken Rosanil and it's generic off it's list of covered drugs and I've been trying to find a suitable over-the-counter replacement. For the first month or so, I was just using a Rite Aid salicylic acid face wash, however, without some sort of sulfur wash, my seborrheic dermatitis begins to run amuck more than the Sulfacete lotion can keep up with.

So, I just got some Grandpa's Thylox sulfur soap in the mail after reading several positive reviews, but I realized that it's only 3% sulfur. I used to use the 10% soap from sulfursoap.com to control the acne flareups on my back, and I was thinking about purchasing some again to try on my face.

I have a very oily(like I can completely oil up blotter sheets in an hour after washing kind of oily), yet dry complexion(I use Nutragena sensitive face lotion /w 4+ drops of jojoba just to keep from turning into a giant dead skin flake) . I was wondering if anyone has tried using the sulfursoap.com 10% sulfur(just the sulfur since I'm pretty sure that the Sulfur/salicylic soap acid would be overkill) on their face? Since it's substantially cheaper and more potent than the Thylox, it would be a great option IF it's not going to dry my face out REALLY badly.

I would love for anyone who has tried the 10% soap or possibly both the 10% sulfursoap.com soap and the Thylox to give me some experiences with the product(s) since I have been unable to find anything on the sulfursoap.com stuff in the reviews section on this site.

Thanks in advance!

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I use an 8% sulfur soap (adovia) morning/night and it works great. The smell is barely detectable, and it doesn't overdry my skin (I have oily-normal skin).

Sulfur was kind of a last resort for me, and I'm really glad I found it, because it works much better than anything else.

I also use a sulfur cream spot treatment (there's acnomel, clean & clear...they're all basically the same, 6-8%). I use queen helene's mint julep mask (there's a little sulfur in there) and adovia's dead sea mud mask (a little sulfur in there too).

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sulfur soap is what finally got my acne under control after YEARS of suffering. i started out using grandpa's and was really impressed with it. after using it for a while, it seemed to become less effective. i then tried the 10% sulfur soap from sulfur soap.com and hated it. there was a ton of fragrance in it. so much so that it burned and irritated my eyes.plus the customer service was HORRIBLE. i emailed them repeatedly and never received a response. i refuse to give money to a company that doesnt provide customer service. so that lead me to joesoef's 10% sulfur soap-AMAZING STUFF!!! out of the sulfur soaps that i tried,joesoef was definitely the best and most effective one. their customer service was great and they sent me a sample size bar (which was pretty big for a sample) for free.

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