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I always seem to feel more confident and get more female attention in the summer months as I tan well - but then it the winter it goes horribly wrong as I go ridiculously pale. This wouldnt normally be a problem but I have purple rings under my eyes and red patches on my face so it's an instant turn off.

I'm thinking off going to the doctors as I go so pale people always ask if I'm ill and the black eyes could be another symptom but in the time it takes to resolve that issue I'm thinking of tanning - whats my best option?

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Please don't go UV tanning. It doesn't even provide you the specific UV rays to give you your dose of Vitamin D. It will, and it's proven, that it will make your acne worse. People always look best with their original skin color. If you must, I suggest wearing a good sunblock (physical sunscreens are less irritating) and spending more time doing stuff outdoors. You'll get a natural base tan and you'll be making vitamin D, making endorphins and getting HEALTHY.

I'm a girl and I can assure you that confidence is something that doesn't come in a color.

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As much as I'd like to agree with you I know for a fact I look more attractive in the summer months as I get more attention.

The main issues I have with my skin are the differant colours - its awful. Also I was right about my eyes as I have liver AND Kidney inflamation at the minute due to prolonged use of anti biotics for acne - hopefully the medicine for those will also get rid of my rings. But I'm still left with the BRIGHT red nose and forehead.

If I was pale with my face all the same shade I wouldn't mind - but I'm not soo I'm thinking of using a tanning product to get my face a similar colour all over.

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Use a fake tanner then if you feel like you must...or even some makeup to even out your skin. I can't recommend a particular fake tanner b/c I love having pale skin. UV rays will damage your skin and cause more acne, not to mention wrinkles and sun spots.

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Not gonna lie... use of subtle sunless tanners (bronzers) these days can make a nice, natural looking tan or atleast give you a bit more natural-looking colour.

However, if you are acne-prone, they will break you out due to the ingredients.

I'd say just use a tinted moisturizer-- the colour is very subtle, gives you a healthy glow, and washes off at the end of the day. I'm a guy, and that's what I do. La-Roche Posay has a product called "Hydreane Teinte"... choose your skin tone and buy it. You just need a teeny little bit for your entire face, or you can dilute it in your hand with a normal moisturizer. It's non-comedogenic and supposedly non-acnegenic.

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