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scalp & body folliculitis

Im so over this...I read this whole topic. I have a 17 year old son who has been dealing with chronic scalp folliculitis for 2 years. On oral antibiotics he is completely clear, when stopped it comes back within days. For the first time 2 weeks ago he was put on Doxycyline. After 2 weeks he developed hundreds of pin head size pustuals on chest, shoulders, upper stomache and back. I know this is PF. He has had this same thing come and go on his forehead only a few times. All the while treating scalp pustuals. But...this is the first time on his body. Im at a total loss right now. He is very upset. for the last 2 years I have researched how to help him. Been to 2 derms, infectious disease and now drove 2 hours to Shanz medical center in Orlando for help. They were the most knowledgeable and have seen chronic scalp folliculitis. They said it was non scarring and his hair would not fall out. It has thinned a bit. Who knows. I'm so scarred for him. He's just a kid and this is destroying his self confidence.

Without medication his scalp gets sooo badly inflammed, painful, and hot. but now the medication is causing PF all over. Is there anyone out there who is struggling with this. Im so sick all the time. Also, he never had body PF till the Doxy. Just every now and then on his forehead. How can you treat scalp and body?

He started last night putting Nizoral shampoo on his chest and back along with Lamisil. We will see. But how will his head clear without antibiotics?

Please help. Thanks!

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Thanks! I hope it does. And yes, I started him on zinc today.

I'm frustrated because I called the doctor to tell him what is happening with his chest and back, and he says its not likely to be PF and to continue the meds. I know it has to be.

This is a roller coaster!!!

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