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Cure your Acne very fast!

LEASE READ IT ALL. Like all of you i tried everything vitamins, minerals, low-fat diets, low-carb diets, anti-candida diets, antibiotics, probiotic, antifungal etc etc.

But nothing worked. So i tried something else i made a lipid blood test. After my test results came back i noticed that i have an elevated LDL cholesterol ( or bad cholesterol) about 4.5mmol/L and a very low HDL cholesterol (or good cholesterol) about 1 mmol/L. So i made some internet researches and i found this study:


After that i bought some cholesterol lowering drugs: fenofibrate 300mg/d and colestipol 15g/d (these are not brand names but ingredients) and withing 3-4 days my acne was complete gone.

it worked so fast and so good and now i'm 100% clear.

Here are some facts that support my treatment: have you noticed when you drink alcohol your acne gets worser? why? because alcohol shoots your triglycerides level in the sky (triglycerides are blood lipids). Another fact, before accutane makes it better first it makes your acne worser why? because accutane raises triglyceride levels but then it has such a strong effect on your sebum glands that it stops its sebum production completely (which is a bad thing). Why does niacin reduce acne outbreaks? Because niacin lowers LDL and increases HDL cholesterol.

So please just try it out, i'm not making any commercial for anything its just my experience that i've made and now i'm totally free of acne. Just test your: triglycerides level, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, Total cholesterol and your glucose levels. And if LDL levels are over 1.8mmol/L and HDL level under 1.3mmol/L then i Promise that your acne will disappear withing 4 days of treatment.

But after that you have to change your life style and your nutrition because you cant take medications forever. For example: limit trans and saturated fats, supplement with omega 3, exercise, quit smoking, limit alcohol intake etc etc.

I'am here for any question and explanations.

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Thats very interesting, because I was "daignosed" with adult onset acne earlier this year (21 year old female, who never had acne in high school), and was also told I have high cholesterol and am too thin. Although my acne is believed to be hormonal, my cholesterol levels can certainly cause hormonal changes as well right?

How can I naturally lower my cholesterol? Or is that really a question I should save for a doctor?

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I've been taking Niacin. No major miracles here, but I don't get as many new pimples lately. I've been taking it for about 2 weeks now. I know lots of folks have had good experiences with Niacin helping to clear their spots. My Niacin (no flush formula) says that it helps fight cholesterol. Maybe this is one option?

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Thank you, supplements are also a better alternative to medications for my situation. My doc only said, "work on your cholesterol". Totally unhelpful when I don't know how to fix it or what the exact levels are.

Thanks again.

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