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Breakouts week 3-4?

Hey everyone,

So according to the timeline, (and to a lot of people's anecdotes) I know al ot of people experience a bad breakout on weeks 3-4. Can anyone tell me why this might be?? Like, physiologically, what's going on with the skin at that time?


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I'm curious about this too. I've been on the Regimen for five days and I'm seeing an improvement, while dreading what seems to be an inevitable upcoming breakout. I don't really care if it does just go away quickly, but if I'm gonna look crappy for a few days I might as well find out why. :)

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My guess is that it's a combination of a few main factors. The first: let's face it, your acne (unless it's very mild) isn't going to clear up in 3 weeks and it's probably just another wave of stuff deeper in the surface than the stuff from your IB finally coming up to the surface. Maybe it's stuff that's lodged (eww) in a particular level of skin that takes 3 weeks or so of BP action to get out, and maybe we all just have stuff there.

The other is perhaps a response to the irritation from just putting our skin through so much in so little time, i.e. starting the Regimen. Acne takes a few weeks to really form, which I definitely have experienced and can honestly say I believe is for real, so maybe around week 3/4 breakout out is our skin's way of saying "Man, I really had no idea what you were doing to me a few weeks ago and I'm flippin' shit." BP is pretty potent and "harsh" stuff, so this wouldn't be out of the blue.

In my experience, my 4-5th week IB lasted like 2 days. I got 3-4 big whiteheads on my chin and a really big zit on my jawline, but everything flattened out in a week and substantially reduced in size over the weekend. No worries, it's not like these IBs that people on Accutane or a retinoid experience (like, 3 months!).

Good luck!

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