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red bump, not sure what to do

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About a week ago I got a red bump on my chin area and I'm not sure what to do. Last time I had a red bump like this it was very frustrating. Every morning it seemed like the bump was almost gone, but by evening it was red and more raised. I let it go on like that for a few weeks and it never formed a whitehead. Finally I got tired of it, ignored all the rules about not squeezing red bumps, and squeezed hard. The skin broke almost instantly and a thick piece of white stuff came out with a lot of blood. I looked horrible afterwards since I had a huge scab and a pigmentation scar that lasted for months. But the bump never came back.

I wondered at the time whether I did the right thing. Would it have gone away if I just waited more? Or is that white stuff like a splinter that just never goes away until forced out? I'm in the same situation now with a similar bump and I don't know what to do. The only difference this time is that I'm using doxycycline. I told myself yesterday that I would squeeze it today if the bump was still there. And now it's evening and it's still there, but I hesitated because it's less raised than yesterday. Maybe this time it's different and it will go away? Or am I being fooled again? I'm going to wait one more day. If it's still there tomorrow, I might force squeeze it regardless of how raised it is. I would prefer a big ugly scab and knowing that it was healing than constantly wondering is it going to heal on its own or do I need to force it out.

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