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The feeling of "cold" helped ????

The most peculiar thing happened 4 weeks ago.. my acne is gone :dance:

I hate very very long stories so I'll try cut it short :

I was on a festival and it was pretty cold outside. As the time went by I was becoming so annoyed by the feeling of cold that for a moment I tried to figure out what is my body doing against the cold or let's say feeling of cold.

After a few minutes I found out just by "feeling what's happening" that body is bracing against the cold by muscle tension and tremble. So I figured out that I should do something against the whole "bracing against the cold".

What really worked for me that time was to take deep breaths and during each inhale I had a conscious effort to completely "feel the cold" and with each exhale trying to just relax muscles (not trying to decrease the feeling of cold).

So deep inhaling gives you a way of trying to amplify the feeling of cold while trying spread or "suck" the feeling into the deep layers of the body (inhale+amplify+spread follower by exhale+relax_muscles). You can do the same inhale, amplify and send inside body (deep into stomach, lungs.. etc) with for example tickle sensation, itch sensation, pain sensation... basicaly all related skin feelings will subside and the bracing of your body against the sensation will go away (try to feel your body.. not your face.. divert the attention from the face to the body)

I liked this technique so much that I was doing it for the whole duration of festival (it's pretty addictive) and even after the festival in shower using colder water or just when walking outside. And so after 5 days I suddenly noticed that my medium mild acne (I'm 23) is almost completely gone and stayed the same ever since and my tolerance to cold weather is somehow much better.

:think: Could the way that you handle your skin feelings all day be one of the causes for acne? Well I have no idea... but if stress can cause you to break out more .. or remember when you're ill with fever your acne suddenly gets better???.. who knows what are all the factors for acne.. try it for yourself.. it's completely free and easy to do.. you can start by putting the back of your hand under a stream of cold water and start amplifying the feeling of cold until it gets from intense to bearable (while trying to spread the feeling deeper into the body) and then try full body experiments with outside weather or colder showers.

As for the factors I can observe and give a potential credit to the acne vanishing act is my age and my way of somatic dealing with skin feelings. Nothing else changed (food, stress, soap, daily activities, amount of sex, drinking and etc).

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I think you might be on to something Hybaj. I've always had a bad acne problem and I am friekishly cold all the time. I asked the doctor to check my thyroid today for this reason. Several thoughts come to mind: If your body is cold, then blood is flowing more to the internal organs and less to the extremities- maybe causing improper bloodflow to the skin? Also, deep breathing and relaxation has been shown to reduce acne. Lastly, studies have shown that visualization can speed healing in various illnesses. I wish I was better at trying to relax my coldness away. Sometimes I can, but usually I can't help but tense up.

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Nothing else changed (food, stress, soap, daily activities, amount of sex, drinking and etc).

Odd that you claim your food didn't change while attending a festival; did your Mom come along and cook for you? :D

But you probably changed the amount of outdoor light you were getting to your retina, which would affect the ability to digest nutrients, which directly affects acne. If you didn't just happen to "grow out of it" at that exact moment, I predict the acne will return some time after resuming your previous (more indoorsy) lifestyle.

I'll bet a dollar on exposure to outdoor light, but on the wild side, there was a paper in Medical Hypotheses arguing that cold showers could treat depression. Anything that improves your melatonin cycle (such as treating depression often does) could help acne, since melatonin is anti-androgenic, anti-oxidant (both directly and via many of its downstream products), slows cell division, and upregulates the cell enzymes that dampen the host response to bacteria that is the core problem in acne.


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its has been said on here before that we should think about showers in the oppotite way to traditional thinking when it comes to washing the skin (bare with me)

traditionally people said when you wash with warm water it "opens the pores" and when you splash with cold water it closes them. It has been shown that the opposite it true. warm water causes skin cells to expand and causes inflamation, inflamation of the skin can cause follicles to be more blocked and irritated and cause more breakouts.

Being colder (long term) could result in your skin being exposed to less inflamation and irritation caused by the usual "hotness" your skin experiences in centrally heated homes, baths and showers.

I find my skin clears up whenever I go away but found it amazing when it cleared up at festival time. Could be that you are less stressed by work etc but I think the whole cold thing has some truth to it.

Maybe start having tepid showers instead of warm ones and spend more time outdoors. The skins exposure to oxygen is important too as that kills bacteria.

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Supadupa : The trick is to intensify the feeling of cold and suck it in by breathing in (just try a mildly cold shower.. imagine like you're sucking the coldness around you through your skin) and for some reason at least my body refuses to tense up and actually relaxes (even though you'll get some muscle shake here and there).

Databased : Yeah well actually it was a reggae festival not far from my house (in camping area near a lake where people go for a swim) and since i'm a whole foodist since i was 18 with little or no cheating I say yeah - I only ate my food and I only bought a few bottles of mineral water there. Anyway my indoor life is back since it's cold in here and the acne is still somewhere else than on my face or my back :)

Crystalwillow : I only started to work from this october so it wasn't stress related.

Ah well maybe skin tries to collect fat because it "feels" cold so it goes overboard and the fat is seeping through the pores and bacteria thrives there? Ahh I have no explanation.. just clear skin.. same food, same soap, same air .. same everything.. just clear skin :P

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