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you can find this product at www.stopacne.com

I am going to purchase this also, but i need few of your comments before i do. What do you think? What i like about it is that it has SA in it

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interesting products. they contain similar ingedients as my skintactix.com kit (green tea extract, SA), and some ingredients ive never heard of. unfortunately, they dont list all the ingredients but im sure they would provide them if asked.

the products are claimed to strongly reduce 5alpha reductase activity, which would be helpful to control sebum production.

i also like the idea of "time released" activity... but they dont state which ingredient is time released... i assume its the SA.

the only problem i see is in the way they market their products. they dont list all the ingredients. they say "Just $19.97" for a 2 oz botlle of something, as if i have all kinds of money to spend on acne products. and they insult my intelligence with statements like this-- "Clinical tests have shown that Stop Acne has the lowest possible incidence of skin irritation." -- as compared to what?

i would say try it out and report back to us. you could even start a regimen log smile.gif

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after further investigation, im a bit suspicious about stopacne.com.

i just sent them this email and hopefully the response will calm my concerns...

hi, im interested in your products but i have a few questions to ask before making a purchase...

can you provide me with a list of ingredients for each one of the products?

what are the concentrations of salicylic acid in each of the products?

what is the patent number for the "Patented time released active ingredient"?

who is Dr. Richard? does he have a full name? can you list any published work?


the bottom of the webpages reads: "Copyright SAS Laboratories Inc. 2004"

so i looked up SAS Laboratories Inc. and found this website http://www.geltherapy.com/ --it has no mention of stopacne.com or any acne products.

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you could try a similar acne system from skintactix.com

they have excellent customer service... all my questions have been anwered quickly and thoroughly by one of the biochemists who developed the products.

ive been on my kit for nearly a month now and im looking much better than i did on bp.

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yeah i already looked at their website. Its just stopacne soinds so much more convincing and the time release thing sounds good too. Tell me more about the product that you are using. LIke, did it try your skin? How long did you have to wait to see results and stuff like that. Thanks

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you can check out my regimen log: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=26145

im using the kit for mod to sev acne w/ dry skin.

the products are not anywhere near as drying as bp was. the gentle exfoliation from the SA (some of the kits also use GA) actually seems to be making my skin less dry... kinda counter-intuitive huh. i was able to see changes within the first few days. stopacne sounds less convincing to me... they didnt even respond to your email, and who is Dr. Richard?

skintactix actually describes their company and even has pictures of the biochemist who has been answering my emails-- http://www.skintactix.com/about_skintactix.htm

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