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Acne, flares up again (since August)

Hey guys / gals,

I'm a 23 year old male who has acne off and on. I started getting acne in highschool, it got pretty bad on my forehead so I went to go see a derm. I don't know how severe it was, but it seemed cystic. Red inflamed marks under the skin that you can't pop. I have never gotten acne on the cheeks, mainly just the forehead sometimes in combination with my chin. Anyone know why only there? Anyway back in highschool the derm prescribed me benzaclin, and much to my surprise it worked very well. Took a little while to work but it cleared my acne on forehead and chin. It dried my face out, but it cleared my acne. Anyway, it costs about 140 dollars however, so its not cheap.

Anyway, my forehead and chin this summer haven't been bad at all really. All of a sudden out of nowhere in August and now September / October it has erupted on my forehead and chin again. I haven't really had any major changes in my life, so I am not sure how it happened. Anyway right now I am using proactiv (not working as well as I would have hoped). However I am also taking an antibiotic called erythromycin that my Doctor prescribed. So far I am on my second week of that. It seemed to help right after day 4, things started clearing up. However I still get an inflamed cyst or whatever what seems like every other day. Its like, finally its starting to clear, oh shoot another one/two over here....plus it takes awhile for the red pigmentation marks to go away.

Anywhoo, I was wondering what you guys do. Also what moisturizer do you use? I'm skin is ALWAYS dry using proactiv. Also whats best at removing the red pigmentation marks? Basically any help you can offer would be great. I guess my number one question is, what causes acne on the forehead / chin Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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