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Computer screen affecting skin!

Do u use ur computer a lot  

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  1. 1. Do u use ur computer a lot

    • Yes i do use the comuter pretty much
    • No i dont use the computer much

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am trying to figure out if using the computer a lot will affect ur skin , coz i was thinking abuot it and everyone i know that uses the computer for quite a few hours a day has acne.

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this is a bias poll. You wont get good results with a poll like this. If someone regisiters for a forum like this, they most likely use the computer a lot. But there are plenty of people with acne that don't use computers.

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I heard that the waves that are generated by electronic devices can have harmful effects on human organs especially the liver. (It was also found that for male, having cellphones in the pants pocket, reduces the number of sperms by 30%. Yeah... WTF?!?!?!?) <- A recent study from Johns Hopkins University.

If the health of one's liver has something to do with one's acne, (I don't personally fully believe this to be an axiom) then that must be why computer usage can have negative effects. In contrary to this, when I went to brazil for 2 weeks, where I did was not anywhere close to Maxwell's equations physics, I did develop a terrible case of acne. Yes, I am aware of the fact that it could've been something else, but it was just so ridiculously bad that I don't believe it.

Also everytime I hear something like, "I know all these people that drink all the time, but they never get acne," "I know all these people never wash their faces and eat greasy food to death that still don't get acne," or "I work with people who use computer 7 hours a day and none of them have acne," I think about the good'ole cliche; "Life isn't fair." <_<

Then I also think of "Life goes on." HEH, anyway.

Best Wishes,

P.S. Bad Liver -> Acne? Hmm...

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From my personal experience, computer usage has not affected my acne for the better or for the worse, and I doubt it does for others.

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