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Such a thread already existed for the product "Certain Dri," the thread is actually 21 pages. I read the entire thread.


This is not a duplicate thread, but for another product known as "drysol MILD" which is antiperspirant gentle enough for your face, but still pretty hardcore. Another reason why I tried this was because I could not find certain dri in Canada, this was the CLOSEST thing. In fact, after heavily contemplating, I decided that this was actually more logical. Today is my second day using drysol.

Here is my regimen:


1. cleanser: dove beauty bar (check the ratings on makeupalley, you'll know why)

2. moisturizer: cetaphil moisturizing lotion (one pump, switching to cerave when it arrives)

3. treatment: drysol mild (one generous swipe on the face, avoiding the eyes)


1. shave (i am a man, you need to shave and apply drysol at different times to avoid insane pain)

2. cleanser: dove beauty bar

3. moisturizer: cetaphil moisturizing lotion (TWO pumps, switching to cerave when it arrives)

Profile: I have extremely oily skin. If you have oily skin, I suggest you try milk of magnesia before this. For me, milk of magnesia helped, but it simply wasn't strong enough. I was so oily that I needed something even more powerful. As for my acne condition, mild. I just got off the CSR to try this though. The CSR helped me keep my acne from being moderate. I have gone through years of being on the CSR.

Warnings: You will regret applying too much drysol. You will not have the typical sting, but instead it will feel as if microscopic needles are stabbing through your skin, millions of them. Your face will not turn red though, but you will be tempted to scratch. It feels bad.

On the bright side, when applied with one generous swipe, such effects would not occur.

The first night turned me off from this product so much that I didn't want to use it anymore. But half way through the day, I looked at the mirror and saw how ugly I was. My face was so oily. I was impulsive so I swiped on some drysol on my oily nose and forehead.

The result was the same as yesterday. My oil production stopped.

It did not stop completely however. I still saw little sparkles on my nose hours later.

This was a miracle to me, however. I just couldn't stop looking at my face in the mirror. It minimized my oil production just on the second day. I will keep you guys posted.

I am an extremist and I am willing to be your scape goat. I will try this because I have tried everything else and I don't care anymore. I just want to look normal.

EDIT: The reason why I use moisturizer before drysol in the morning, is because that felt better on my skin. It is only my second day and I am still experimenting. I do not say that moisturizing in this regimen is as important as moisturizing in the CSR, but moisturizing is still beneficial. I use cetaphil moisturizer (FOR NOW until I get ceraVe) because it has been my staple moisturizer for the CSR.

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still tweaking [am] regimen

what i can conclude is this:

drysol on a dry face will not give you a matte finish. it will give you a slight shine on your nose, which is still presentable, but not perfect. The slight shine is not a result of oil, drysol DOES eliminate oil, but the shine is a result of the residue of the product. To achieve a matte finish, after the drysol dries on your dry face, apply your mattifier (or makeup). I am a man, i am not embarrassed to use makeup, but i actually use baby powder as a mattifier. I have tried milk of magnesia, but baby powder wins. check it out on makeupalley as a mattifier. I DO imagine that makeup will be excellent over your drysol and moisturizer!

SO yes, Drysol will solve your oil problems, but that does not mean it will give you a nice matte finish. it will give you a slight shine which is the result of the residue from the drysol.

WARNING: drysol is a liquid that evaporates very quickly on your face. As a result, you will be tempted to apply more than one stroke to your face. DO NOT DO THIS. apply only one layer of drysol in all areas of your face, no matter how oily it is. Even on your T zone, apply one stroke only.

Why? Because it will feel like needles are stabbing through your face

but my [pm] regimen is pretty decent.

if you need to exfoliate any time in the day, do it at night while cleansing, just add a little sugar to your cleanser, table sugar. read up sugar on makeupalley. also, be VERY generous with your moisturizer at night, because drysol used every morning will cause flaking. it is tempting to use drysol again at night, but trust me, after u wash your face, you will feel so dry, that you would wnat to moisturize.

in summary, here is my regimen so far, i am still tweaking it.


1. cleanser: dove beauty bar (wash gently, leave the exfoliating for the night)

2. moisturizer: cerave

3. treatment: drysol mild (one layer, or die) (don't be too generous with it haha)

*wait for face to dry*

4. mattifier: j&j baby powder

(milk of magnesia is awesome too, but... after weighing it against baby powder, i decided on baby powder)


1. shave

2. cleanser: dove beauty bar (add table sugar for exfoliation)

3. moisturizer: LOTS OF CERAVE!

What I have written above is beautiful for anyone with oily skin. How drysol works for acne, I am not sure yet, the results are not that quick for acne. It does work wonders for oil control, that I can say.

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So I regularly use Drysol already. Fantastic stuff; regular antipersperant is junk. Anyway, I use the spare leftover dab-o-matic bottle and applicators and clean and refill them with various stuff. Like salicylic acid preps before. Cearisil or Clean & Clear previously had a SA product like that and I should have kept the bottle. Even though they screwed it up with menthol, it was a sound basic idea. Right now I have alcohol, chlorhexidine, and retinyl acetate in one. Anyhow, I accidentally grabbed one of the NEW Drysol bottles couple days ago and put it on after some salicylic acid wipes. Two days in a row I did this and couldn't believe what effect it had. I thought it was some strange synergy with the SA. Might be with the aluminum, but it wasn't the normal acne bottle I use. Now, I should have put lotion or oil or something on afterwards because it made my face so tight, but seeing as I was going to bed I just left it. It had a positive effect. Day three or four I realized what I'd done when I'd gone back to the bottle and noticed it wasn't the worn sticker. I was horrified with my lack of attention to such an important detail, then was like... well, it actually worked. So now I'm looking on the net and there are two positive derm studies for aluminum chloride in alcohol: one for follicitus and one for acne, both positive and with no apparent mentions of harmful side effects. I'm still worried about longterm use and such extreme localized dryness, but it's worth pointing out and offering my anecdotal and accidental experience with this. I am also not one of those that experience irritation from it in the underarms.

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