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Mild acne and shaving difficulties - product advice please?

I've had mild acne for a considerable amount of time. Also, recently I have started to get sebacious filaments on my forehead as well as the ones I've always had on my nose. I'm 24, sleep well, low stress, eat well, and exercise regularly. I do tend to squeeze my skin too often, but that is probably my only vice.

I have very sensitive skin, if I do not moisturize it I will get light eczema on my face.

Currently I wash with spectro gel combination cleanser, then use panoxyl 5% BP gel, and moisturize with complex 15 non comedogenic moisturizer. I take omega 3s, a multivitamin, and zinc occasionally. I understand 2.5% BP would be better but its not as available here.

I don't shave with a razor because it irritates my face like crazy (itchy) and will usually cause several small whiteheads that last a couple days. My shaving regimen sucks though - I use gillette gel which is probably crap, a Mach 3, and shave against the grain otherwise it does not get close. This is probably because I don't tend to shave every day - more like twice a week. My aftershave is Nivea - alcohol based I think - which probably further irritates my skin.

To reduce irritation I shave only twice a week with an electric razor, but its slow and I'd like to be able to use a razor.

I am considering trying a salicylic acid exfoliant instead of the BP, due to my sensitive skin.

Also, can anybody recommend better shaving products? What is the best way to integrate shaving into the cleanser, BP, moisturizer regimen?

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You should consider thermal water after shaving and some moisturizer like aloe vera (after shaving) and for the other days, a product from La roche-Possay for other days, like Effaclar M, H (this leaves your face shiny, but is good) or Toleriane. Check out also Avene. Research on the components if you want another brand, test and see if it fits you.

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