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Minocycline resistance

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I've been on minocycline for about 2 1/2 months and I am really pleased with the results i've seen. I know that after a while many people develope a resistance to these antibiotics and they no longer work for them. I just wanted to do a kind of informal survey. Anyone who has taken minocycline or similar antibiotics and had good results, how long before it no longer worked for you? And what did you do in terms of treatment after? Thanks.

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Hey Carly,

I was on minocycline for about 2 years. It worked really, really well for about a year and 1/2. And I mean that during that time i got like practically NO zits, and if i did get one, it would kind of remain under the skin and invisible and then go away in like one day. BUT then after a year and 1/2 I guess i developed a resistance cuz the zits came back. Not worse than before, but about the same.

hope this helps,


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I'd say about 10 months. You really should find some topical/herbal regiment in the clear window. Cuz it really sucks when it stops working and you have no plan to clear your face. Antibotics only hides the problem; it doesn't get rid of it.

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I must agree with you on that one Rocky. Its been 10 months for me on minocycline and I can tell its beginning to falter since I actually broke out recently and that has not happened for quite some time. Lookin forward to try Actinan now as meltdown precribed. 8)

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I was on this drug for about 4 yrs.I would say after the 1 yr mark i noticed it did not work well.I continued to take it as my derm continued to prescribe it but eventually i just quit and i saw no difference in my skin when i stopped.It had lost its effect long long ago!...Oh well i guess i held onto it like a crutch thinking if i stopped my skin would get horrible.When infact it did not.

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Hey guys,

I just came back form the doc and found out that my prescription to minocycline was actually half the recommended dosage at 100 mg a day. Since the drugs benefits have started to wane, my doctor suggested an increase to the full 200 mg a day. I am quite sceptical that this will work since my body is alread starting to develop a resistance to the antibiotic and upping the dosage will probably only accelerate my resistance to this drug. What do you guys think? Anyone ever have to increase their mino dosage and if so, what kind of results did you get, if any?

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