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Clindoxyl gel and Tretinoin together


I feel like a complete imp for posting this...

About two months ago I finally saw a dermatologist about my skin (which went from relatively flawless to acne-ridden, largely due to the fact that my skin-picking has become out of control). I was given a prescription for both clindoxyl gel and stieva-a (tretinoin). I started using the tretinoin, without any significant problems. However, I did not originally get the clindoxyl gel because it wasn't covered.

A week ago I had to get a refill for my other meds, and I decided that I would get the clindoxyl gel as well, in hopes that the cost would be worth it.

Except... I can't remember how it is I'm supposed to use these two meds together :wall:

I recall it being said that if/when I pick, to apply the clindoxyl gel afterward (to reduce the change of infection, I believe); I also remember something being said about applying [x] med, wait [y] minutes, then rinsing it off; and I remember something about "spot treatment" to reduce irritation.

I know that tretinoin is inactivated by clindoxyl gel... unless I have read about it incorrectly online.

So... I'm wondering if anyone can clarify this for me? I know that I should probably call and ask, but I am both shy and embarrassed to do so...

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