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i am posting this again because i bearly got any comments

i have these two pimple/mark/scar things on my left cheek (apples of it) i dont know what they are! their red, feel flat when you bearly put pressure, but when you really touch them you can feel little indents or raised thingys i dont know what to do im trying everything i can to get rid of it but nothing seems to work.

help! their really red and thres two of them.

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Okay since no seems to be answering you, I will try my best to give you an answer. These things sound like macules which are flat reddish spots usually the last point of an inflamed pimple, which is why you feel a little indentation. Well your regime seems really good at preventing acne, but I have alawys been told that retin-A and azelaic acid are good for pih and macules. You could also try a chemical peel (but I dont have any personal info on that because I have never tried it) or if it is really persistent a laser treatment maybe the next step. I have never tried the laser treatment, but I have heard some success stories, although I have heard more stories where people regret it and they come out worse than before (i think it depends on what kind of laser and who is doing it). Im sorry I couldnt really give you any solid news on how to get rid of them faster, my best advice is continue what you are doing and maybe try some of the suggestions i made. The worst part though is that it will have to take time and I know that really stinks. Good luck!!

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