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There is something wrong with me, but I'm not sure what it is. Maybe you can help?

Every time I go out in the sun for a little while, brown and red spots will start to show significantly. But whenever I stay inside the redness and brown spots are almost invisible, except for some of the brown marks. It's really weird and haunting because I don't know how to fix it. I've been on accutane twice, and was out in the sun a lot without sun screen. I was also on a topical soap that said to avoid sunlight.

I was wondering if my exposure to sunlight during my accutane period has somehow made my face really sensative to the points where I break out in red/brown spots, my cheeks near my eyes are even worst.

I put on 70 spf sunscreen but it doesn't help to the degree I would like it to. I've though about wearing a columbia hat, like the ones you see people on safaris wear.

I've been thinking about doing some photo facials for the redness/brown spots but since my marks come out in the sun I'm very hesitant to give it a try. What should I do about the photo facial?

Anyone have the same experience as me? what can I do about this?

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my face doesnt look good in the sun either, but when im indoor my marks are 50-75 percent less noticeable, dont know why though

I didn't say my face doesn't look good in the sun. I said after i've been in the sun I notice that my face will get more red/brown spots.

But the reason why your marks are less noticeable in the indoors is because you don't have the sun shinning down on you, making everything visible. it's totally normal.

Just incase though, you might want to ask a derm.

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I use retin-a and my skin does this as well. Kinda looks like sun damage but shows up very fast, in my case 15 mn in direct sun will do it. Retinoids, topical or internal, cause a massive increase in your skin's sensitivity to the skin - that means more than you might burn more easily.

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