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Help with Tretinoin 0.05% and Duac

Hey guys,

I honestly have read through probably every single review and every single post on this website. But anyways this is the situation with myself.

I had some mild to slightly moderate acne prior to seeing the doctor. I had some acne scar marks for many years and never seemed to go but then and there I used to get some pimples from those marks say every 2 months or so.

Anyways, on the 22 of July of this year I went to the doctor and told him to prescribe me retin-a 0.05 due to the success stories I read on this website. BIG MISTAKE. I'll talk about this soon. I was using a clean and clear face wash product that contains Benzol peroxide both mornign and night just before I applied Retin-a Cream 0.05% and I made sure I waited 20 minutes for my face to dry completely. Anyways all that happened for about 4 weeks is I started to get pimples in places I have never before. I was aware that I might get a couple of new pimples but nothing like this!

I found out from thsi website that you cannot use Benzol peroxide and Retin-a at the same time because the BP inactivates the retin-a. After I found this out, I stopped using the BP facewash and used cetaphil. Now being an idiot I am, during the middle/end of August, I accidently left my retin-a next to the heater and it melt. I put it in the fridge for it to harden and it looked normal after a few hours so I used it that night. I broke out LIKE CRAZY the next day. Huge pimples and marks. I went to the pharmacy and nowhere in sydney, australia stock retin-a anymore so he gave me Retrieve cream which is tretinoin 0.05% and he assured me it will do the same thing and also that it didn't mean that I had to start the whole count again if you know what I mean.

I used it for 2 weeks and still those pimples from that stupid breakout remained. So i went to the GP and he prescribed me DUAC to use in the morning with Retrieve Cream at night. I have been doing this ever since the beginnning of September to now. I still have Acne and it is worse then when I first ever saw the doctor on 22 July. It has been 2.5 months. I have been very patient but I am so upset that after this long and especially when I only had mild acne before that I am stuck like this :(

Please give me hope guys. Am I doing somethign wrong? Isn't all tretinoin cream the same? I tried bactrim DS a few weeks ago and I had the worst fever and stomach cramps so that is out of the question. I never really have bad acne and this is the worst period of my life. I am almost 22 and a male. Maybe I am using too much of the products? I put maybe all up 2 pea sized tretinoin on my face and the same with duac but my face doesn't really sting anymore or anything when I apply this much.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

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i would schedule another appointment with your doctor.

I understand but I prefer to hear what other members have to say. I am sick of the doctor just prescribing something else.

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I kind of had a similar experience - I was on tretinoin cream for a few months, and my skin definitely got much worse than it had ever been. I broke out in places I'd never broken out before, and I'd had fairly mild acne before I started using it. I actually didn't start seeing results until I hit the 4 month mark, but I ended up switching to Differin because the tretinoin was pretty irritating on my sensitive skin. But I'm pretty sure my skin would have continued to improve if I stuck with it.

I'm not sure if all tretinoin creams are the same...but I kind of hated mine (generic) because it made my skin really oily all the time. Also, the recommended dosage is one pea-sized amount per application. But I think this is just to help decrease irritation, and since you're not experiencing any, I think you should be okay.

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