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MAJOR cysts for a year. Safe to try Levulan+Smoothbeam?

Hi all,

I just signed up to post this although I have been religously reading this board for a year. I have always had moderate acne throughout my whole life but a year ago began to break out in HUGE cysts. It started only around my cheeks...but has now spread to my forehead as well.

It is so bad on my cheeks one cyst just connects into another and forms a sinus tract, basically ending up with one giant cyst about 4 inches. My face is miserably scarred and its just one after another.

I have been seeing a dermatologist and have tried every topical..Retin A, Clindamyacin, Differin, Aczone...the list goes on and on. I have also been on tetracycline then minocycline for a total of 7 monthes with absolutely no effect.

Because of a liver condition I can absolutely not go on Accutane :(

I have drastically changed my diet. No dairy, sugar, wheat. It mostly consists of whole fruits, veggies, and lean proteins.

I am literally at my wit's end. I went to a new dermatologist and he did a Levulan + Blu Light treatment on me. This was just 4 days ago, I had the Levulan on for an hour and was under the light for 16 minutes. I got some redness, and burning the 2 days after now I am scabby and peeling.

My mom wants me to start the Smoothbeam as well. She started crying tonight when she saw my face. She lives a few states away so I don't see her often and she was so shocked and upset at how bad I look. I cry all the time about this and am horribly depressed. I isolate and can't face people anymore.

So for the question, safe to do Levulan+blu light AND smoothbeam treatments all at the same time??

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone may have. Sorry for the long post just wanted to give background story.

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