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A Variation of Dan's... Think it's Worth the Try?

As cheesey as this may sound, I feel like I had a revelation this morning during practice lol. My skin is always very dry after swimming, regardless of the amount of moisturizer I used. When I woke up this morning, I splashed warm water on my face then put some Cerave lotion on it. Felt pretty nice. I just got home from practice, and I realized my face feels the same way after I use cleanser and BP. Hmm... I've heard chlorine kills bacteria, so I'm going to try skipping cleanser and BP after practice, and only use Dan's AHA. I've read some pretty good results from people using only AHA. I will go through the cleanser, BP, cerave (morning) or AHA (night) when I don't have practice... which is only 50%, but hey, I think this may work ! :)

Comment your opinions / experiences, and I'll try my best to do the same.

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I'd say that the drying effects of pool water could dry out your acne. But I'd recommend rinsing your face after practice with water in the shower, but don't use your cleanser and BP.

I have no experience with any of these products, so can't help you there.

That's alright, thanks so much for posting!

Someone once said that acne is caused only by skin cells sticking together (obviously others.. these "sticky" cells hold in bacteria, dry skin, etc) I'm hoping the aha will hydrate and remove skin quickly, I'm already seeing awesome results :)

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