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Please tell me if I'm taking the right form of Zinc

Before I start, I searched the forums and couldn't find anything that immediately stated that this was correct, so sorry if it was said somewhere, I couldn't find it.

So I read that Zinc is good for Acne, and bought some from the Vitamin Shoppe 2 days ago. I'm happy I've yet to have any stomach discomfort but doing more research am unsure whether or not I bought the right one.

I bought 50mg Chelaed Zinc. I tried to post a link to the product but the forum keeps deleting it (It's the 50mg chelated from Solaray; 100 capsules). The bottle says:

Zinc (as Zinc Amino Acid Chelate) ... 50mg

Pumpkin (Cucurbita Pepo) (seed) ... 50mg

It doesn't say Gluconate or Elemental on the bottle anywhere that I can find.

I've been taking one before bed, with a meal and bottle of water for the last 2 nights with 2g of B5. I know results take a bit but I would hate not to see any in a few weeks and find out that I bought the wrong product. If anybody could educate me I would be much appreciative. Thanks!

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I've had good results with the same form (Zinc Amino Acid Chelate). The chelated form is supposed to be the best absorpted one. 100mg/day is relatively safe and that's my current dosage, which I'm going to cut down to 50mg once I get clear along with other supplements, diet and lifestyle changes. In case of a bad breakout I've taken zinc up to 200mg day for few days, though it can be harmful if taken longer periods. I'd recommend you to take another capsule in the morning with food to get results quicker and then cut down to just one capsule once you're satisfied with the results.


Vitamin D is essential for proper zinc function, I take 5000IU of vitamin D/day. Alcohol and grains increase zinc excretion so try avoid them.

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Keep zinc dosages at 50mg or lower... and supplement with copper...

Taking such a high dose such as 200mg can actually weaken your immune function rather then increase. I've read even 100mg can do the same but I guess that would vary depending on the person.

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Funny you should mention that I actually thought I'd take 100 a day for a bit and started that today, but I don't know about going higher than that. I'm going to look into the vitamin D also if that will help. I started taking 500mg of magnesium again too and continuing to wash my hair/face with head and shoulders with the pyrithione zinc in it. Thank you both for the advice, it definitely put my mind to rest.

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