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Do you think the hyperbaric chamber would help with scarred pores

I have scarred pores from A doctor doing an IPL 2 month after I was off Accutane. I have tired everything. Interdermal Botox, didn't work. Now PRP seems not to be working and doctor told me to get s a dermabrasion six weeks after it so he doesn't know what he is talking about.

I have been reading Suzanna Sommers book Breakthrough and she says the hyperbaric chamber leaves your skin baby smooth and flawless. I am wondering if this is true and would help me. I know it it is used for much more serious things and I don't want to sound shallow but basically I am so disabled from what happened to my face I am on disability now and can't work!!

Please give your opinion on this subject.

Thank you,


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Where did Suzanne Summers get her medical degree from? This is like all the people who didn't get their babies immunized because of that ditz Jenny McCarthy who was promoted on Oprah. Taking advice from the woman who promotes the thighmaster is not the best idea. They know nothing about science.

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I don't know if you got my other post or not but the stem cells may help you. Dr. Mark Berman has maxstem in california. He does fat grafting but you can tell him you want stem cells only. My friend is going next week.

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