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I started on Oracea 10 days ago and it has worked wonders. It's worked as well, if not better than Bactrim, mainly because I'm not scared to take it (Bactrim is a very serious antibiotic). I have moderate, resistant acne that my derm thinks is hormonal but may also be a bit of rosacea since I have tiny spider veins that become more visible when I break out. My skin seems much less reactive and I actually woke up the past several days to totally clear skin - absolutely amazing! My skin also seems less itchy and my body overall feels very good.

Oracea doesn't work as an antibiotic but as an anti-inflammatory. It's a very low time-released dose of doxycycline that works differently than regular doxycycline. I know because I've used regular doxy and it doesn't work as well for me unless I'm at a full dose and that can only be taken for a short time and then acne comes back, etc. Oracea has fewer side effects and because it was developed for rosacea, a chronic condition, it can be taken for a long time. It doesn't affect the body like an antibiotic so there's no concern for upsetting the good bacteria.

I'm so hopeful about this. It may mean I can lower the Spironolactone I'm taking since that didn't really seem to work, even at 100mg, and I think it makes me more tired and may be causing some tinnitus.

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Oracea is continuing to work great...no new outbreaks and less red skin...yeah!

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