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Hi everyone,

I am interested on doing chemical peels for my acne scars. My acne is now fairly under control but I still get some pimples every now and then. I mostly get a few pimples related to my menstrual cycle, so its mostly hormonal acne that I get. At times I will get a few small ones if I am really stressed out and/or if I dont take good care of my skin.

I have had acne for quite some time now (about 10 years) and it has left moderate amout of scars, mostly on my cheeks.

I have done microdermabrasion without much change to the scars. I have read up on chemical peels and I think that will help me the most in diminishing the scars.

My question is do I need to have my face fully cleared of pimples in order to have a mild chemical peel, such as AHA and glycolic peel. These peels are recomended for controling the acne so I figured I should do the mild type of peel first before doing the moderate type which is the TCA which is the one I think will really help with the scars. Doing the mild peel first should help with the acne and will also help with prepping my skin for the stronger type of peel.

I would greatly appreciate any advice for doing a peel (mild or moderate), recomendations and experience you had with any type of peel. Also what is the downtime for doing a peel? I cant really afford to be out of the public eye for more than 2-3 days. Thank you.

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Indented scars? "Mild" peels won't do much for those. They'll help with red marks. Mild peels may help soften scarring a bit but not to any really appreciable difference.

There are many websites about how to do chemical peels and what the various types entail, including downtime. You can also research each individual peel type on these boards for an idea of what to expect.

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I havent posted in a while but from time to time I like to jump in. If you find some of my old threads you will see the amount of people that suffered more damage from peels. At one point there was around 10 people that damaged their skin with orange peel textures.

Peels will not do a thing to the smallest of scars, people just cant get that. If anyone tells you their acid peel took away some scarring, they are lying, or its a premature judgment on what they see.

Aside from not doing much to your scarring, you will get orange peel textures, do enough of these peels and you will start seeing all your pores. combine these open pores along side some of your already existing scarring, and you will feel horrible.

So If you want to do peels, do it for hyperpigmentations and do it with small concentrations, although Im just totally against the acids, because you can fix your hyperpigmentation with Things such as retin-a.

So just stay away from acids totaly, its a hyped up method that doesnt do zilch for the smallest scar you have.

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s500 - you shouldnt try and sound authoritive when giving your own personal opinion. ive done peels on myself for years and when i began using higher concentrations over a number of sessions, my scars have started to soften out, level up and haev become less noticable. while none are gone, they are definitely less noticable than before.

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