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Weird scar on nose

Hello, I've had this weird scar on my nose for something like 6 months or more. It basically was a big, round zit on the side of my nose. I had an important event so I decided to just try to pop it. Unfortunately, that did not work out well. It was pretty much unpoppable. It would bleed, but would stay there. Ever since then, the zit left but if we look well enough, we can still kind of see the shape of it. If I pass my hand over the spot, I can feel a little bump. It's like a scar of a zit that stayed there permanently. I'm not sure if anyone ever had one of those and if there's a cheap way to treat them.

Also, I have another scar on the other side of my nose. This one I've had for over a year. Is there any hope it leaves by itself? It's kind of like a line and a scar on the outside. It's not that big though. I'll try to post pictures later if I can.

So, any solutions?

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post pics, could be a scar or sebaceous hyperplasia. enlarged oil gland.

look it up, ask a derm/surgeon, come of them treat them.

research into it, dont try lasers as they dont do shit.

im looking into radiofrequency ablation but cant seem to find anyone near me so far.

cant conclude that its what you have.

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Guest Timehealsall

could be a fibrous papule. You can get rid of it by cauterizing

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