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Man hyperpigmentation is the worse scar help me ..

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Man I don't care what ya'll saw when you have discolored marks that's different from your surrounding skin that is the worse. I got three red marks on my skin when my surrounding skin is brown. How do I get that brown complextion back. It got me frustrated I wish they would hurry up and fade. Any advice?

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This is generally my big problem as well.

I have some breakouts, but it is those $%#@*%! red marks I hate and struggle with!

Every little breakout I get on my cheeks/jaw line makes a red mark too!


You should look at threads on SA and GA peels, also, copper peptides and zinc oxide are helpful.

There are lots of threads on red marks, do a search and you will start to see lots of info.

I have had pretty good luck with reducing my red marks so far with:

Copper peptide serum (CP serum, or trireduction cream from skinbiology, but there are others who sell them too)

Glycolic acid peels (on totally lesion free skin)

Zinc oxide cream (messy, but used occasionally, really helps me)

Some people swear by vinegar as a toner, doesn't work for me.

Good luck, you have to experiment and see what your skin responds to.


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