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Website for holistic acne treatments

I recently came across *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *, a site that describes a hormonal cure for acne. All the information is very compelling and makes sense. However, the bad part is their overall sketchy website. They try to sell you a book, and as anyone who as google'd acne cures can tell you most of the sites that try to sell you something are fake, scams trying to steal your money. I realize the probability of this product actually helping me is slim to none, but I would seriously like to hear what this guy has to say and right now I am willing to try anything to combat my hormonal acne. So before I waste another 40$ if anyone has any prior experience with this site, or see and big holes in the guys proposal please please let me know. Thanks, any input is welcome.

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Why waste your money when all the info you need is in the Nutrition and Holistic health section here? It's FREE, too.

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Nutrition & Holistic is also extremely... misleading. Love the topics that I've seen in there over the years such as:

"Soaking food in diluted bleach"

"Drinking your own pee"

"Rubbing semen on your face"

"Overdose on <insert this week's favorite vitamin>"

"Only eat <insert specific food or section of the food pyramid"

"Drink your body weight in ounces"

"Don't exercise"

"Don't masturbate"

"Don't ejaculate"


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I've bought like very guaranteed acne ebook known to man. Some of them are ridiculous. Juice everyday for 3 weeks, and buy all these expensive supplements. They tell you everything that is wrong with you, but I've been to holistic doctors and they don't say these things to me. Save your money, and get a book on acne and diets from the library. The holistic section on this message board is pretty good.

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