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Oily skin Please help

Dear Acne.org community,

I have had oily skin ever since I was 10 and it has always brought me acne and misery. I am 23 now and I still get oily skin.

I have tried everything from oil free moisturizers, hot water, cleansers, and refraining from masturbation. But nothing seems to work. Do you guys know of a sure fire product that helps control the shine?

Also I have been controlling what I am eating and I drink large amounts of water.

Currently, I am looking into powdered facial sheets such as http://www.amazon.com/Mandom-Gatsby-Powder...g/dp/B0015XN6X4

Is there a special moisturizer? A special toner? A special cleanser? Something that helps remove the oil and keep it away? I just want less oil!


I cannot seem to find powdered facial sheets that are made in the USA =(

Thank you so very much, your advice would be much appreciated.


I have been using the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. http://www.amazon.com/Aveeno-Active-Natura...e/dp/B001E96L6I

Could that make my skin oily?

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I too have oily skin!

My face will look smooth and flat through out the day and then around mid afternoon and especially at night it looks like I ran a marathon.

I swear by Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing pads.

Mid day just wipe your face with these gems and your oil will be gone and your shine will be eliminated. They also don't smear makeup.


You can find them in most stores but this is what the product looks like. They are only about 5 dollars for 50 sheets.

Unfortunately there is little you can do about preventing your skin from being oily, but this is your next best bet.

Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pallido makes powdered rice paper sheets for blotting; they are sold at ULTA and Sally's beauty supply stores. Hope that helps :)

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