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Dear everyone!

I have been struggling with acne since the age of 15 (am now 23). I know what severe acne feels like and I wouldn�t wish this for my worst enemy.

Like most people suffering from acne I have tried almost everything that is out there, well except Roaccutane.

For a longer period of time, maybe 12 - 14 months I have been using benzyol peroxide, but I recently found out that this medication in fact works as a free radical on your skin, meaning that over time it will have the same damaging effects as continous exposure to sunlight.

Acne is known to cause the skin to age prematurely, the benxyol peroxide actually adds up to this effect, in the end resulting in a very premature aging. When I look at my own skin, I see an uneven damaged skin, which looks older than it really is.

The aboved mentioned theories are drawn as a reault of the study of dermatology, I therefore ask Dan to argument for or against this.

Dan, do you recommend using benzyol peroxide even when you know the damaging effects?

If you do not believe me, check this website out:

*Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

Best wishes

/the curious

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Sorry to have to reply to my own message, but I had some problems uploading the internet adress that tells an important truth about benzyol peroxide. In order to get the scientic background, go to *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * and seach for acne + premature aging.

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You are right, Benzoil Peroxide has a molecule of hydrogen Peroxide attached to benzoic acid .. something like that. Hydrogen Peroxide is a free radical. The combination is very effective in the killing of acnes bacteria. Even the body, when you have a virus or bacteria, creates free radicals to combat them.

In any case, I would not use BP as a permanent solution, just for the spot and 2,5%. Hence, the moisturizer, hopefully an anti-oxidant moisturizer. BUT, it works, so if you have a severe case, it is the best option ... for a while.

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