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Bismuth-free Mineral Make up in the UK

For anyone in UK who is interested in bismuth-free mineral make up, I found some on ebay that has no bismuth.

The seller is returnallhealth (also have a website)

There is a confusing array on there of different formulations! So I am still experimenting a bit with what works best for me.

I started off getting samples for skin tone match these do contain Mica, but none of the products have any bismuth.

However, there is also a formula for acne prone skin which contains pearl and oat powder, no mica. This is what I am planning on buying for my full-sized purchase.

I have bought the oily skin finishing powder, but this does contain kaolin (to absorb the oil) and I am unsure about that at the moment, as I am having breakouts (could be using BP which I am new to but just occurred to me, could be the kaolin, drawing out the impurities??). Also with the kaoling mineral finishing powder on, my skin is stinging slightly. So I am thinking of ditching that for some of her normal finishing powder, with no kaoling.

I also tried the liquid mineral foundation...the seller advised that the one for 'sensitive and rosacea acne' would be far too oily for oily skin and so I bought a sample of the liquid for 'normal skin'.

My verdict on this is that it IS oily also (jojoba oil and some other botanical oil). However, the coverage is very good and it is much quicker to apply than layers and layers of powder mineral foundation.

So I am experimenting at the moment with applying a layer of finishing powder *before* putting the liquid mineral foundation on, to absorb some of the oil.

So I am not 100% sure on the liquid foundation (though coverage is GREAT), but I will be buying the acne/oily powder formula, as this is meant to be beneficial for acne and contains NO bismuth, NO Mica and NO kaolin.

The prices are pretty reasonable, around £10 for a 10 gram pot; the liquid foundation is more at £18.

Just thought I would share for anyone in UK looking for a pure mineral makeup.

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A little update on my experiments with these foundations.

I tried using the 'oily skin finishing powder' as an oil absorbing primer under the liquid foundation for the 2nd day today and it's worked quite well (my skin is a bit weird and flaky in places at the moment, due to BP overdose). Once those horrid flaky patches have gone, I'll get a better idea of the 'finish' doing this and how well it lasts throughout the day.

I've not got any oil coming through and face feels nice! Matte but well moisturised.

The liquid make up is surprisingly good - it covers as good as my Estee Lauder Double Wear (I've never before found any other foundation that gives such good coverage whilst still looking reasonably 'natural') and feels so nice and nourishing on your skin.

So I think I should splash out and buy the liquid for days when I feel like I want more coverage and dont have time to apply loads of powder makeup, plus the acne formula loose minerals make up for days when I fancy a lighter, natural look. (the loose stuff does give a nice natural 'glowy' appearance & has additional beneficial ingredients).

Also the lady who runs this line is so nice and helpful! She gives advice and produced all the products herself.

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