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To BP or Not to BP - That is the Question

:shifty: OK I must admit, I only come back to this board when my skin is having a really bad time...most of the time, my face is 'bearable' with make up on, usually say around 4-5 new spots a week of varying types, maybe 1 or 2 active on my face at a time.

Anyways, as I am getting on a bit :) I decided that rumbling mild-mod acne, annoying as it is, there is nothing I can do about it to fix it permanently, so my major face concern was ageing and fine lines!

I found a qualified Doctor who did Botox (his day job is a reconstructive plastic surgeon on the NHS, he treats people for wrinkles and skin problems privately as a lucrative side-line). So I went along for a consult, to discuss Botox and fillers.

I did mention that i had acne (which wasn't really noticeable at the time with my make up on) and he did remark that my skin in general was not in great condition, fair point.

He recommended that before considering Botox, the first thing we should be doing was tackling acne, with SA skin peels and IPL, plus a product called 'Acne Mask' which has 2.5% BP and you use it as a mask every 2nd day. He also said I must ditch my normal (Estee Lauder) foundation and only use mineral make up and tried to flog me some YoungBlood (I bought a smaller sample elsewhere, which I later found out contains Bismuth and the YB broke me out in small blocked pores milia type thing...I've since discovered one that is Bismuth free).

So...I started seeing him one month ago. I had an SA peel and bought the Acne Mask (£110 in total).

Since, I have had two sessions of IPL, at the cost of £75 each and continue to use the BP Acne Mask.

He recommends me to go EVERY week to see him - I simply cannot keep spening £75 a week - at least, not when my skin is breaking out more than before!! :|

Tomorrow he is doing extractions...which is OK, I don't mind getting that done, because I don't know how to do exctractions myself.

But my question is: WHAT is making me break out more?

When I usually only have 4-5 new spots a week, now I am getting more, this week, around 15 new spots :mad:

The BP YES it does make them dry up quicker and with some of these new lesions I am hardly even being left with a red mark, they go away quick, but others are bigger, more infected types.

I have done some reading on here - could it be the BP that is breaking me out more??

Or is it the IPL??

I don't think it can be the minerals....? As I am using pure minerals now with no Bismuth.

On the one hand, my skin is improved in the sense that the old red marks have faded quite a lot (IPL?) and the general texture is better ... on the other hand, my skin has been really oily lately and I am getting MORE spots than when I started a month ago.

Is this just an IB? I am pre-menstrual at the mo, so I always get a worse break out then, but I just feel the number of active spots I have is more than 'normal'.

I am planning to email the Dr to tell him this (as I find it difficult to be assertive in person).

I am not sure what to do???

Ditch the BP?

Ditch the IPL?

Get my Botox and just get treated for what I originally went for?

Get a different Topical from my GP?

I should add that before i was using a roll-on topical (forget the name) from GP, and stopped using that, so maybe that is a factor too.

Sorry for the long essay! :wacko:

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Hah! OK I've decided for me the answer is...to not BP.

:idea: NOW I remember why I haven't touched that stuff for the past 20 years!

I must admit, I did put on a little more often that the once every two days recommended by my Dr (I started spot treating daily) so what I now have is that horrible, raw, flaky skin that no make up can cover (in the areas where I spot treated) meaning that the acid mantle is disrupted and there is no protection at all.

I didn't do my BP mask last night and things are looking better already, skin less irritated.

Think I will stick to peels and SA and not put any more BP on my face .... I also emailed my Dr and told him I thought the BP was making my skin irritated and breaking out and I cancelled my appt. for today. Not sure if I will bother with any more IPL either, for the amount of money per session, I don't see much improvement:think:

Probably be better off spending the money on buying the Dr Haushka skincare regime instead and going back to my philosophy of being kind and gentle on my skin instead of putting harsh stuff on!

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Well I used benzoyl peroxide and after I'd used it for a while I got this rash but my skin didn't get dry because I put on moisterizer first and then the BP.

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