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If Bacne is hormonal does that mean the regime won't work?

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Hi everyone

I have been suffering with back ance for approx 1 year. It started 6 months after I stopped taking the pill and I think this change in my skin is hormonal.

If it is hormones that are causing my back ance and not bacteria, etc. will the regime not work for me?

I have been doing the BP/AHA religiously for 8 weeks and some days I think my back is improving and clearing somewhat but then I will have a bad breakout and it's back to the start. ?So frustrating! The break outs are not being minimised. It's rather upsetting knowing that 12 months ago my back was perfectly clear and never even use to wash it and now it's just a mess.

I will persist though with the regime and give it 6 months. I am hoping that perhaps my bacne is just being resistant and it will take more time to start improving?

Am also thinking of starting vinegar twice a day.

Anyway - please let me know your thoughts on how the regime impacts on hormonal acne?

Thank you


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Hey there,

I also suffer from hormonal acne, which I know, cause it started when I went off the pill as well. I don't have bacne though, only on my face.

All I know is that the regimen has been recommended to me by lots of people, claiming it works for all kinds of acne, including hormonal. You've got to think that if it works even on those massive cysts, it should work for hormones too.

Good luck!

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