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What am I doing wrong?

First I'll give you a little background on myself, I'm 16 years old, had acne for just a little over a year and a half now. I'm heavily involved in boxing and wrestling. Before I went to my doctor I tried C&C Advantage kit for 2 months that did not work. I went to my doctor then I prescribed doxycycline and was on it for nearly 6 months. It helped a considerable amount, but it stopped working the last month or so. I was prescribed clindamycin phosphate along with the doxy and used that for a little over a month the clindamycin phosphate hardly helped at all. My family had to switch insurances so I went to a different doctor and being the excellent doctor she is she prescribed clindamycin phosphate and scheduled a follow up in a month. I decided not to use it and instead bought AcneFree Severe to Clear, and that's where I am today. So I'm pretty much over acne I don't really let it affect my personality anymore. I'm usually the funny/crazy/doesn't know when to shut up type of personality and I wasn't that for awhile because of my acne. So I've decided to come here for help with my regimen because I just want my acne to be over with already.

The majority of my acne has always been on the right side of my face mainly on my cheeks, and chin, and some on my forehead, but my long hair covers up most of my forehead acne. I've just recently over the past few months developed some bacne, and an occasional breakout on my chest and neck. My regimen as of today is

Warm shower in the morning followed by using the AcneFree control cleanser

go to school, usually come home around 3

Wash my face with the cleanser again

use the corrective toner

go boxing and or wrestling depends on the day

come home take a shower

put on some BP

then sleep for usually 5-6 hours and repeat the process

My diet as of right now is not good at all. I usually eat a lot of junk such as ice cream, chips, and soda.I do drink a lot of water. I take multivitamins as well as a protein shake I would say my stress are that of a normal teenager, and that's just about it. I was just wondering if there is anything wrong with my regimen, anything I should be doing or do I just have to keep my head up and let my acne take care itself.

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Well when you're boxing/wrestling is your face getting bashed about alot? It could be that's causing some irritation. Also 5-6 hours sleep isn't really good enough. 8 hours is recommended.

With your actual regimen maybe if you didnt wash your face when you get back from school, wait till you have the shower later and wash your face then, putting on the BP at the time aswell.

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