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Post accutane problems with skin

Hello! I just want to know, if the skin ever gets back to normal healing like it was before accutane?? I mean, my skin always healed very fast and I never had to deal with red marks + i never had scars from acne. I took accutane for only 9 days and stopped becouse i started to develope keloid on my chin (month before accutane i fell off my bike, and scar was healing nicely but when i started accutane keloid started forming) It has passed 2 months since that 9 days. Keloid stopped growing, it doesnt hurt anymore...but i have bunch of dark red marks (for 2 months!!!) also every pimple leaves indentation...and I also noticed that i have indents where I had acne, like years ago and it healed nicely and never before have seen that indent...i dont know what to do! I almost had flawles skin prior accutane ( i had resistent 4-5 acne on my right cheek) and I so regret taking accutane for such a minor problem...my doctor is a real jerk. Please tell me from your experience will my skin ever again get back to normal? I mean it is now much thinner, with indents and stubborn red marks...and it is nothing like my skin prior accutane...I can't believe i'm dealing with this and i only took it for 9 days!! :(

oh yes and my dossage was 30 mg which is 0.5mg/kg

Please give me some advice!

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