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Extreme dry lips!

Hey guys, im now just starting my 3rd month on accutane now at 60mg.

All was going well, until this last week or so its really been taking its toll on my lips. To the point of them being constantly red and sore, blistering and discolouring, and split in both corners.

My derm prescribed me a cream called Hydroform for the corners of my mouth... anybody ever used this?

Anybody else experience this on accutane? .. i still have atleast 3 months left on accutane, and i cant go around with my lips looking as they are now. I dont even want to look anybody in the eyes at the moment cos i know they'll be glancing at the state of my lips, aswell as my acne lol. just great right...

Anyway if anybody has any info or experience about this please comment! .. or knows anything about Hydroform cream.

Thank you!

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I had a moment in my 2nd month where my lips were pretty awful, too. I just loaded it with aquaphor and lived with it. Luckily, my lips healed dramatically after a week or so, so hopefully it's just a phase you'll get over soon! I recommend aquaphor if you don't already use it.

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I'm in my second month of tane and just experienced cracking lips (3 on the bottom...ouch) I was trying everything, including Aquafor which most people have great luck with. But it just wasn't cutting it for me. So this afternoon I bought some cheap Carmex chapstick, in the round container... it has healed my lips almost completely up within hours. They feel so much better. It was only $1. You may try that, I was very surprised at how well it did.

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Hi, I presume ur in the US but here in the UK I use "Blistex Relief Cream" which is the only thing I've found to work.

I looked online and they do sell it in the US but under the name "medicated lip ointment":

Its a really good cream, good for cold sores and really excessive dry lips.

I buy a tube a week!

Good luck,

Claire x

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