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Cyst pimple gone bad

Okay so I got this horrible cyst pimple like a week ago at first it was like hard and it didn't really hurt all that much well as the days went on my cyst started getting bigger and redder and it started to hurt so another week went by and it still wasn't going away so I convinced myself there was a white head on it so last night I tried to pop it well I heard a like swish sound like the sound you hear when you pop a zit but the puss actually comes out.. Yeah well here's where I messed up... I went to pop it and instead of the puss and crap coming out it like moved to the side of my nose... I went to bed last night woke up and now my eye is swollen and my cyst is even bigger...

WHAT DO I DO?! I need help :/

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Okay first off I want to let you know that we have all done what you did and we have all survived. I have been there many times staring at a cyst saying to myself, "okay I think thats a whitehead." What you did was cause a more significant infection to the cyst and that is why it is bigger. I would try to schedule an emergency appt with a derm or heck even go to the doctor or ER and see if you can get a cortisone shot to reduce the inflammation of it. Or you can ask for a short term prescription of prednisone, which is a powerful oral corticosteroid, and that reduce the size of the zit considerably. Also they may give you some antibiotics to really attack the infection. So these are some of your options, dont worry you will get through this and this thing will shrink down to nothing soon. Good luck and keep us posted how you are doing!

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