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Time to be proactive

I'm 26 (and a half) years old and I've got to the end of my tether with acne. I had it when I was a teenager like most people, but by the time I left school at 18 it wasn't too bad. By the time I started university at 20 it was maybe one or two spots a week at the most, but nothing that didn't go away after a few days. Over the last few years however it's gotten really bad, to the point where it's affecting me socially in a big way.

If I get a spot on the back of my neck I'll wear a hoodie, and try to make the hood hide the spot. If it's on my forehead or temples, I'll wear a hat, even indoors or in the summer! I tried doctor prescribed medication when I was younger and while I don't think that made much difference, my acne did clear up, but I put that down to the end of puberty more than anything else.

But as I said, over the last 2-3 years my acne has gotten quite bad. These days it seems to mostly happen on my forehead, temples, and down the sides of my face beside my eyes. I'm careful about washing my face properly with facial cleansers but they don't really help. I've taken to plastering any blemishes with Sudocrem, and that seems to help with the healing, although it doesn't stop them appearing. My nose is also a big problem area - it's constantly filled with blackheads and looks terrible.

In the past few weeks I've realised that I need to try to stop the acne before it happens, rather than after it happens. I know scientists have said that there's no link between diet and acne but I think that's nonsense. This past fortnight I decided to eat as healthily as possible, so I've been trying to eat at least 5 portions of fruit a day - for the past few years I've eaten a banana and an apple or two throughout the day, as well as orange juice - but the additional fruit has only made matters worse. I read that pomegranate juice is meant to be good for acne, so I bought some, but the day after I drank it I noticed lots of new blackheads forming over my forehead, temples, side of my face and even on my cheeks. I thought it must just be a conincidence so I continued drinking it, but lots more spots developed. Now I've read that insulin spikes caused by sugar in fruit can cause acne.

There're so many contradictory articles and blog posts out there that it's hard to know what to believe. All I know is that I've taken to looking at every single person's skin that I meet and comparing it to mine. Nine times out of ten, mine is worse. I feel like throwing myself under a bus because of it.

Starting today, I'm going to not eat any breakfast or lunch, and only eat dinner. During the day I'm going to drink just water. Come dinner, I'm going to eat brown rice or lean meat or something - I haven't decided yet. I'm also going to take a cod liver oil tablet with dinner, as well as one for zinc. I'm considering getting cinnamon tablets too. I'm going to continue like this for three days, and hopefully that will flush out of my system most toxins and sugar and anything else diet related that might be causing my acne. Hopefully come Saturday morning I won't have any new spots and I'll know it's worked. Then I'm going to start adding bits and pieces of my diet back in to see if anything causes acne, and what doesn't. Hopefully I can continue like that and in about a week or two, my skin will at least get back to how it was at its best.

Five years ago, when my acne was pretty much fine, I ate basically no fruit a day, and vegetables rarely. I'm not overweight, I don't eat a lot of junk food, and I exercise a few times a week, so it must be my diet. I don't eat dairy either. Now that I'm eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, my acne is terrible. It can't be a coincidence. I'm going to try to return my diet to what it was back then, albeit a bit more healthier than then, and see what happens.

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Heya, I can totally relate. I'm 24 and recently have been getting Assaulted with wave after wave of breakouts...fun, no?

Yeah, no. I've been treating the outward (i.e. - creams, ice packs, potions, pills) and have had the same issue as you; the treated pimples respond....Along with new ones showing up!

I work out quite a bit too, cardio 4-5 days/week and strength 3-4 days/week. I've found that my body hates carbs, sugars, high-glycemic foods. Nothing triggers my adult hormonal acne more...

Perhaps, despite the awesome fiber intake you're getting with fruits, the higher levels of fructose are affecting you? I know since I'm sensitive to sugar (insulin) spikes, I get most of my plant based nutrients from vegetables.

I'm not saying to cut out fruits entirely, but clearly if your acne has increased with fruit intake, maybe the source of your skin healthy antioxidants and nutrients should come from veggies.... it helps with my cystic acne...along with proper skin care + exercise (which it sounds like you're doing)

good luck!

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