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Hi all! My current regimen consists of:

-Purpose gentle cleansing facial bar x2 a day

-witch hazel/tea tree oil mix x2 a day

-Neutrogena Healthy Face Lotion w/ AHA x2 a day

I also alternate with St. Ives every other day, and my more powerful 8% AHA on the days without St. Ives.

My theory is that I may be over-processing my skin. It worked for a while, and then I started getting painful papules that never came to a head all over my jawline and cheeks when I upped the ante. Maybe this is irritation-based.

I'm considering doing my astringent mix and healthy face lotion once a day instead of twice, and just washing my face in the morning with the cleansing bar. I also might ditch my 8% AHA and do it maybe once a week. I like my St. Ives, however, although many people say it's bad for skin; my skin was clearest when I used only it. After the pimples die down I'll probably turn to my 8% AHA to help with red marks.

My skin type: normal; not dry or oily.

Acne: moderate.

And also--

My make-up:

-Maybelline Age Rewind Liquid Foundation (I've used this for forever with minimal issues; great coverage!)

-Physician's Formula talc-free mineral powder (this is fairly expensive make-up designed for acne sufferers I just purchased)

Any advice?? :D

(I've tested my theory by leaving my mild chest acne relatively untouched. It's cleared quite a bit, but this may not be reliable since it's a different type)

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I'm no expert, but I would:

- remove the witch hazel mix, only use tea tree as a spot treatment and start with once a day

- use the neutrogena lotion with AHA only at night. use a lotion/cream with spf in the day time, so that your red marks won't get darker,

- do you mean St. Ives apricot scrub? don't use that on the face. i think their BHA apricot exfoliator isn't as harsh but still works pretty well. if you reaaaaally still want to use it; just do so once a week.

- use 8% AHA only twice a week OR once your acne has calmed down. AHA is usually not THAT good for active acne, BHA (salicylic acid) is better

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