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Panoxyl 10% Benzoyl peroxide bar questions

I just bought the Panoxyl 10% Benzoyl peroxide bar and i was wondering, is my skin supposed to be peeling ? and if so, long will the peeling persist ?

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Hi there!

I was also using a 10% BP cream, but it is not panoxyl.

Okay to answer your question, yes BP cream acts as an oxygenating agent and clears out your pores; thus it might cause peeling and redness and itchiness, yada yada. If it causes heavily swelling, that`s serious, it isnt supposed to. So yeah peeling will occur, and how long? Well it depends on the individual. In general most people would get used to the foreign chemical after a month or so, but some people react differently. I have read about people that do not even experience any of the above, but reap good results. Sadly, there are those (like me) haha who experience redness and peeling everytime I use it. That`s why I recently stopped using 10% BP.

Okay so this is what I noticed and I know.

Firstly, I think the 10% BP didn`t really help me much, either because I didnt strictly use it as Dan suggested it, or I was just being a normal teen and breaking out.

Secondly, from what I read from not only Dan`s research but other credible websites, apparently in the long run there are more successful cases of acne and or pimples being cleared up when using 2.5% BP instead of 5% or 10%. This could be because 2.5% is less irritating to the skin, causing the skin to heal faster using natural processes.

Since you already got it, stick to it and dont give up.

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I bought PanOxyl 5% BP cream and noticed that my skin was becoming very dry and flaky and not very beneficial at all.

I then went on to get the PanOxyl 2.5% BP cream just to ease my skin into getting used to the 5% but found that the 2.5% BP gave better results than the 5% BP ever did, minus the skin irritation.

Maybe 10% is a bit aggressive for now, stronger doesnt always seem to be better.

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