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Guest pokemonster

hey guyz, ever wondered about this?

Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

im sorry to not be too scientifical with my talk, but heres idea..ever wondered why is it for face so hard to heal and regenerate?

body can regenerate, rebuilt and basically change itself pretty quickly compared to face, but face takes ageees and then yea plus it even ages..

ive seen on myself as well. fe last winter, as allways i had acne and at times pretty bad one and cycts as well. it was very harsh and cold winter at where i live, but i was doing my best at healing and moisturizing my face as much as i can and as far as i know what i should do..

..anyways, i also frost my hand palms (they are very tending to do so at all), pretty badly, they were all red, itchy, painfull, cracked, dried out skin, even tho i wore two pairs of gloves. but i didnt really gave a damn about them (at least not as much as about face, was concentrated only face), just applied some leftovers from moisturising or healing stuff that would be left excessive after applying on face. again my hand palms were screwed pretty badly, they were noticably red even after winter ended for pretty long time just dryness and cracks and severeness were cured up, only that red color left.

and what do u think? right now (approx 10 months later) they are completely healthy color, no redness left at all, well maybe only when i put hands in warm water, palms get reder than rest of hands but normally u wouldnt notice anything

but face on the other hands still have marks and all the shit from last winter and everything else and just cant heal up properly no matter what

and then once i stumbled on this video accidentally, where 69 old granpa is a bodybuilder or something and has a health and body of a 25 yrs old guy and seriously if u look at a pic of his body without head without knowing, u would first think thats a young guy, but ofc when u see his face and hair u see a reg grandpa, so lol it beats me y body can easily regenerate itself if given right tools but face just cant and is taking forever and never. just why face is like that? it rly pisses me off. i think alot of how skin/acne/scars works and heals has something to do with face regenerating abilities.

maybe i just dont get something, if so pls enlighten me?

here's the vid:

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

baaaah! so what nobody knows? :huh: or its me who doesnt get some basic stuff about face or something? well if so at least inform me that im thinking wrong way so i dont go wondering off my head for nothing :confused:

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