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tried my own regimen & I don't want to say Cure but... :D

I read the regimen by Dan. I try not using or washing my face too much. I also stopped using a kettle. I found the kettle got rid of oily skin but, it drys it out. I am really into health and natural cures. I don't want to use BP or pro active though, I have in the past. Yes, I do find it works but, I wont say cures it completely. Plus, I know that peroxide on the skin will likely cause skin cancer later in life. not cool. Lose lose situation. Either suffer now with break outs or suffer later with skin cancer.

Any way, I seen the regimen, watched the videos affiliated with the write up. I stopped washing my face frequently. I am extremely gentle. So, I seen DR. Oz on tv about a week or two ago. He was recommending epsom salts to get rid of black and white heads. What I have been doing now is that, once a week, I will take an epsom salt bath. I will also use epsom salts in a damp cloth about 2x a day and gently just tough my face softly. No vigorous scrubbing. After the epsom salts, I use the lemon cleanse.

I shit you not, my skin is awesome right now. It isn't exactly flawless. I got one small blemish that is healing but, its invisible. Also, the break out I had was likely due to stress. I am keeping myself stress free and grounded. I am quite happy.

The other thing I am doing is cutting out foods that are known acne causes like milk, caffeine, dairy products, etc. I am not touching my face or squeezing or doing anything alike. I don't want any acne scars or damaged face.


This sort of picture with acne scars scares me. Don't squeeze pimples, white heads, black heads, etc cause it causes scars. You don't have to look like that. Give this a try if you already haven't tried the regimen, give it a go. if not, try this. Try not touching your face too much. If you squeeze, you do more damage then you do fix. Even with make up or cover up, you still have scars that are evident. I am fortunate not to have any. I hope this helps everyone like it has helped me :D

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The FDA has approved that the BP does not cause long term damage.

Is there any certainty cause, putting peroxide on your skin has to be cancer causing. At the sametime, acne just sucks. The choice is: spend your youth looking like a pizza or talking a substance that is in the long term going to cause cancer. :(

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