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Jadda`s regimen log started sep 2010

Hi everybody.

(please don`t mind my bad english when reading this:P)

I kind of started the regimen 3 weeks ago. I didnt have Dan`S products then, but I bought some 5 % benzol perioxyde at the local drug store and mixed it with moisture cream. Now I have no pimples, but al ot of scarring. Today I received Dan´s products in the mail. The products felt great using! :D much better then what I`ve been using till now.

During the 3 weeks since I´ve started the regimen I have had maybe all together 3 pimples or something. Thats nothing, So I`m really thrilled it`s working! :D And I think it will work even better, if possible, now when I have Dan`s products.

I`m really looking forward to see the scars start fading! I have a lot of marks at the cheekes now.

At the time I`m also trying to eat healthy. My food mainly consist of brown rice,quinoa, sweetpotatoes, eggs, chickpeas, fish, some chicken (will try to get ecological from now on), vegetables (try to eat a lot of green leafy ones and also a lot of tomatoes, carrots, cuecumber) one handful of nuts every day (almonds, walnuts) , some gojiberries, bluberries, olive oil, coconut oil, hemp powder and barley grass powder. as well as gaerlic and spices. I use stevia as sweetener. Also drink a lot of water and rooibos tea.

I avoid: milk and milkproducts, grounded beef (but some seldom exceptions), sugar(!), at the moment I also avoid fruit ( I eat berries instead), potatoes, grains, caffein.

I think this diet helps me a lot! I had this diet also before I started the regimen and it helped my skin a lot! :)

I will give you updates on how Dan`s products is working and how the acne scars hopefully heals.:)

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