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Can eating too much oily/fatty foods really make your skin oilier?

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hmm dunno. i would say bad fats like saturated, trans, hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated fats/oils are bad for you. those fats/oils may cause acne or there may be a correlation. i eat lots of olive oil and earthy balance which is an awesome vegan butter. i mean i use a lot of that stuff. i do have oily skin but i do not think it is bc of the fats and oils i consume. its mostly genetics.

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I would definitely suggest there are zero benefits in eating earth balance over butter. Plus you can kinda generalize on this one...more processed + more additives usually yields something that shouldn't even be comparable to food. I've been eating a ton of fat and my face is actually less oily but that's just me.

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For me personally, I've noticed that my oil production has less to do with the quality of the food that I'm eating, but more with the "quantity." For example, I was on a 75 % whole food diet consisting mostly of raw vegetables and fish. Within a week or two, my skin had improved drastically, I was practically clear(and much less oil). I became a true believer that diet can affect acne. However, I was consuming very little calories and although my skin was great for a few months, I began to lose weight. So I decided to get back into lifting weights while keeping the same diet, only I increased the quantity of food I was consuming by about 3. It didn't take long until my face returned to an oily, pimply mess.

So I've come to conclusion that the more I eat, especially heavy caloric dense meals, the more oily my skin gets. After a huge meal, with lots of meat and starch, my skin will get greasy, even if it's organic and very healthy. However, if I'm at work with a long shift, and I just snack on candy all day, my skin is noticeably dry. It's not that eating oily, greasy food causes these oils to be excreted by your pores, its the effect that fat(9 calories/gram) has on hormonal production. It increases hormonal production and the oil glands go on overdrive. If you are in caloric excess, the hormones increase and your body will have an overall anabolic effect.(which is what bodybuilders want) If you go on a fast, your body will go into a catabolic state, and hormone production will drop drastically, resulting in temporary relief of acne and oily skin.

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