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7 day sprint to clarity

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This is the start of a "7 day sprint to clarity" as I like to call it. I found this website by a google search of "acne" last night, and decided I would go on a mission to atleast better myself before school starts, 7 days...

So you know, my acne can be described as this: 2-3 new pimples daily. 1 cyst per 2 weeks, so usually one cyst on my face at a time. Currently one on my chin. My cheeks are always red blemished of course, with many spots of old pimples. Usually 3-4 active large evil things on each cheek. Lots of small dots (but oddly little to no redness) where a unibrow would go. Usually 2-3 active pimples on forehead, no redness. Pimples have started to venture under jawbone below my cheeks, this is fairly recent so these are active ones. My chin has an average of 2 active pimples at a time, yet no bumps and no redness. Well except from the "swelling" look of the cyst thats on my chin at the moment. Nose infested with small black dots, all over. 1 semi-active pimple usually on my nose. 1 active pimple usually with a couple small bumps near top of sideburns.

Wow that was a long description of my acne, sick.

I am not the best equipped, for this adventure I have only the following tools:

Clearasil vanishing 10% bp cream

Clearasil 2% Salicylic Acid Pads "Pore Cleansing Pads"

Clean and Clear Blackhead Removing Scrub with microbeads (2% salyicily acid)

This is the end of day 1.

Ive decided to start with this:


Salicylic Acid Pad (these pads give my face a nice tingly burning sensation, feels like its working and thats why I use it, even though it does contain alchohol)

Shower once tingling stops :wink:

While in shower use the blackhead removing scrub (my blackheads on my nose vanished overnight after using this stuff, and I mean they are ALL gone)


Salicylic Acid Pad

Rinse face so alcohol doesnt interfere or something

A goooood dosage of Clearasil 10% BP cream, all over my face, im the white bandit

I know this regime is far from ideal, its the best I could come up with, with my resources and time. I will let you know what happens.

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Yes get the c nc acne cleanser it rocks balls. Im using that along with the c n c blackhead scrub.

Also, i wouldnt use the pads before you shower.. kind of a waste. if anything use them throughout the day like in the mid afternoon when you feel oily and need to be refreshed.

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i woke up this morning, washed off my white ghostly paste, and a nice big smile swept my face, yes its only been one day

my active pimples on my forehead turned to inactive dots which are quickly vanishing

my cheek (worst place by far) has been vastly improved, most of the old inactive dots that where ALL over my cheeks are vanishing, redness is down, and all that is left is the few active pimples which are reduced in size

my chin cyst is down, normally it would last for 2 weeks, this one was gone in 2 days, 1 other inactive dot on my chin

ive seen vast improvement after only one day, im so happy, confidence is up

hopefully day 2 will have this much improvement, at this rate ill be doing great by the time school starts

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im very red on the face now, i spent probably 20 minutes outside, though i doubt thats related

it looks like i went skiing/beach and got a sunburn, pretty red

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ok boys and girls, its been a long time since ive updated (10 days, now starting to see goood improvement)

click here for pictures, pictures are worth a 1000 words:


this is 10 full days on an aggressive regimen

i came into the routine of:

wake up

shower off old bp

apply C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub with SA (this is really good for me, makes my skin baby smooth, i recommend)

Spot treat active pimples with BP

School (2nd day so far hehe)


Shower before bed (i get very oily at school)

GOBS of BP (i currently use Neutrogena on-the-spot, which feels good when I apply it)

Let Dry (literally?)


Note thats no moisturizer even though im using nearly 2x what Dan recommends! The C&C Blackead Scrub (which I apply all over my face) seems to moisturize incredibly well, and erm well if I was a girl "exfoliate" bb_surprised.gifPICTURES HERE!

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Hey Demigod, looks like you are getting some nice progress there, especially in 10 days! Good stuff.

Also I agree with your sig smile.gif

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yeah, my sig would be an insult except for the fact that this is what it is, and obviously i suffer to atleast a middle degree, while i acknowledge there are many worse then me, they dont even compare to the people so so so much better then me

most people with "acne" at my school have clearer skin then me, well atleast what i had before

i really do feel more confident now, i was quite confident introducing myself to some people that i did not know, i just went back to school, 11th grade

today (2nd day of school) i recieved a comment on my acne from someone i knew for a couple years, i know your thinking "oh no im so sorry" but she said, "Hey Sean, your face is looking really good" which normally would bother me, as did any even notion talking about anything near my face, but since i knew it was improving and she was a pretty good friend, it immediately made me happy... like... i smiled, ya know? i guess i dont have a problem if people notice that ive actually improved :-)

it was a good 2nd day of school today

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day 13, i had a breakout yesterday, im quite sure it was due to a large amount of stress lately

hopefully things get better, and my face will come with it

i was really starting to get used to my face being so nice too sad.gif

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